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Petaluma Sunrise Foundation Mission Statement: To raise and manage funds that will enhance and expand the Rotary Club of Petaluma Sunrise’s capabilities to participate in local community and international service projects and to provide individual Rotarians and other community members a vehicle to make annual and planned gifts for the long term benefit of the Rotary Club and the community at large.

Petaluma Sunrise Foundation Vision Statement: By 2020 the PSF will be operating 2 or more fundraisers that each net $50K or more annually. Long Term reserves will exceed $100K and the PSF is working with Petaluma Sunrise Rotary Club on a long term multi-year projects with RI matches that creates significant and long lasting impact.

By 2020 PSF and the Rotary Club will have a solid working relationship that is harmonious and productive. Both organizations support each other completely. PSF operates in an efficient and effective manner and meets all legal requirements. PSF will have a donor list of over 3000 names who will become annual supporters.

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